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BRPS can help you with water damage caused by leaking appliances or busted pipes. We specialize in emergency situations, assessment, repair, tear out, water and mold removal, working with homeowners and insurance companies to offer solutions and reconstruction services in the event you experience an incident.  Our team is experienced and licensed to removal water, treat mold and repair your home as if it never happened. Please contact us for a bid or proposal if you experience water damage in your mountain home.


Water damage to a home not handled properly will lead to mold and structural problems.


First step is to stop water from flowing and remove from your home.


Next step is to remove all wet and molded materials and dispose properly.  Then provide a complete and thorough cleaning and treatment of the affected areas.


Probably the most important part of this repair is to dry out your home with air moving fans and de-humidification systems.  We even install air ozone systems to neutralize odors.


We offer a full line of equipment to extract water and dry out sub floors.

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We are happy to work with your insurance company to provide cost estimates and stay within the budget allowed.


Final step is to re-construct and finish the repairs to your specifications

Please feel free to contact BRPS at 828-719-9128 for a free consultation or for emergency services