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Home watch is the core of the business. We will maintain and be your eyes for your home while you are away. Since each home and homeowner is different we offer several monitoring plans that are flexible to meet your needs. Each plan below  offers the homeowner a 24 hour a day contact for emergencies, weekly e-mail updates, local and county police point of contact, first responder service for alarm calls, availability to meet vendors while you are gone and Inspection reports each time we visit your home. Below are a few of our plans. Please call for more pricing and more information: (828) 719-9128

What our home watch services cover while inspecting:

Our licensed, bonded, insured and accredited team will conduct home inspections of your vacant home on a regular basis. The frequency of home checks are determined by the homeowner. Most clients prefer to have their homes monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Home inspections include a walk-through of the inside and outside of your home and grounds. If at any time we discover an issue that needs your immediate attention we contact you right away to resolve the issue promptly. We also complete and leave a detailed report at your home documenting each visit.


BRPS completes a full check of your property’s interior. We visually check for roof leaks, window leaks, broken seals on windows, security problems of doors and windows, warped wood on doors and windows, lighting problems, air and heat adjustments/monitoring according to seasons, bug and rodent problems, run water in sinks, flush toilets, check for plumbing leaks or problems, appliance monitoring, hot water heaters, garage doors and HVAC temperature settings.


We also do a full check of the outside of your property. We visually check your grounds for damage, downed trees, propane tank levels, pests & insects, exterior home wear and tear, security breaches or problems, and landscape monitoring, place delivered packages inside and pick up papers/flyers/debris from property.

Other A La Carte services we provide to our Clients:

  • • Key Holder Service
  • • Opening and preparing your home for owner or guest arrival
  • • Closing your home after owner or guest departure
  • • Alarm Contact
  • • Contractors Liaison
  • • Coordinating and overseeing all vendors, home repairs or maintenance services
  • • Waiting Services for service repair, delivery and installation
  • • Coordinate Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • • Coordinate Cleaning Services
  • • Watering flowers and plants
  • • Starting vehicles to maintain battery
  • • Sweeping front porch
  • • Home Redesign/Home Restyling Services
  • • Storm Assessment
  • • Home Inventory
  • • Mail Pickup and Forwarding

Key Holder / First Responder

This is our most basic service. This is geared towards the homeowner that may not want someone checking on home weekly but instead on weather related visits or a per call basis.

Six Month Plan

With most homeowners gone from November to May this plan is our most popular. This plan is perfect for the homeowner who is going to be away for most of the Winter and Spring.

Annual Plan

Our annual plan is the same as the six month plan, but the service is for the entire year.

Monthly Plan

Designed for the homeowners that may not be gone but a couple of months during the year. So no matter if you are away for one month or four this plan is great.